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Thanks to a great Planet Green city guide on Washington D.C., I was encouraged to hunt down the Sticky Fingers vegan bakery in Columbia Heights during a recent trip. And mmmm, am I grateful I did. In fact, I just finished my organic iced chai and peanut butter fudge cupcake. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe my review of this place. I am reminded of the times sweets, like cupcakes, are brought into the office. They're always welcomed, but not always as healthy or eco-friendly as they could be.

My deep satisfaction had me thinking about vegan bakeries, generally speaking. Even if you aren't vegan or vegetarian, it's not difficult to recognize the fact that the dairy industry plays a huge toll on our environment and something as simple as avoiding dairy for just one day a week could yield substantial environmental improvements.

My challenge to you:

Seek out and support vegan bakeries by purchasing some treats for your office/colleagues. Whether you do some research and find one in a town you're visiting on business or just begin going to one that it's your hometown, these bakeries need your support. They work hard at making treats we can enjoy that don't involve the dairy industry. Many of these bakeries struggle and every new customer is one that is needed. On top of that, many of your non-vegan colleagues probably won't ever try a vegan baked good unless they are put in a position to. Another thing to keep in mind: I can't think of an instance that I've been in a vegan bakery without noticing recycling bins and organic options. Its safe to assume that a vegan mentality is often times accompanied by a general concern for the environment and why not support these places?

This list Vegetarian Restaurants/Bakeries across the U.S.A. can help get you started

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