Photo courtesy of TransFair USA

Credit: Photo courtesy of TransFair USA

Buying Fair Trade certified items is one way to raise your sustainable-shopping savvy: It guarantees that you're getting goods from artisans, farmers, and producers who receive a living wage, work in approved conditions, and use materials that come from certified sources.

And while you might already have a few favorite Fair Trade brands--like the World of Good shop, People Tree clothing, and Green & Black Chocolate--you can find certified coffee, flowers, chocolate, tea, fruit, and more at stores on your regular shopping circuit.

Fair Trade at Coffee Shops:

1. Dunkin' Donuts: Choose an espresso drink, cappuccino, or latte

2. Starbucks: Replace your usual with the Cafe Estima blend.

3. Bruegger's: Ask for the day's Fair Trade blend from Green Mountain Coffee.

4. Peet's Coffee & Tea: Choose the Costa Rican Fair Trade blend.

Fair Trade Bagged Coffee:

5. Costco: The bulk-foods store offers Kirkland Signature House Blend coffee.

6. Kroger: Look for Fair Trade coffee—and tea.

7. Safeway: This grocer made a deal with Seattle's Best to offer the company's full line.

8. Sam's Club: The Member's Mark Premium Ground coffee is Fair Trade-certified.

9. [b]Target: The store's Archer Farms blends are also Fair Trade-certified.

10.Wal-Mart: Brew Sam's Choice coffee for a Fair Trade fix.

11. Trader Joe's: Choose from French Roast, Bay Blend, House Blend, Kona, or other flavors.

12. Wegmans: Buy Green Mountain coffee by the bag at this supermarket.

Fair Trade Dried Fruit:

13. Wal-Mart: Look for Peterson Farms chocolate-covered dried cherries

14. Sam's Club: If chocolate-covered isn't your style, go for Peterson Farms Triple Cherry and Cherry Berry blends.

Fair Trade Flowers:

Technically not foods, but they often go together, so they're included here.

15. Organic Bouquet: Shop online for Fair Trade blooms.

16. Giant: Pick up Fair Trade bouquets at your local supermarket.