Courtesy of Monkton Elm Garden and Pet Centre

It's rare that battery hens escape their cruel fate to find a new, happier life, but Little Hen Rescue in the UK seeks to enable just that. The organization works with farmers to provide "another option to slaughter," and to find new homes for these lady birds in their post-battery life.

A great thing on its own, but now, thanks to a generous knitting club at the Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre (and other knitters around the world), once the hens leave the farms, they can keep warm despite their lack of feathers from years of mistreatment.

"The hens usually come out of farms quite bald and can be underweight," said Miranda McPherson, supervisor at the craft center. "They will soon fatten up and re-gain their feathers with the right care, but while they are waiting for their feathers to grow back they can benefit from our knitted jumpers."

Jumpers meaning sweaters, of course, for those not familiar with the Queen's English. The group meets weekly, and plans to donate their knitted hen sweaters to the Little Hen Rescue. What an adorable and useful contribution to improving the lives of poor battery hens.

A better contribution would be to stop creating these conditions in the first place. But a small knitting club in England can't exactly make that happen—so they are doing a pretty awesome job where they can.