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Photo via Green School

After Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth "ruined his life," retired jewelry designer John Hardy decided that he would devote the rest of his days to doing everything he could to improve the prospects of his childrens' future. He started with an incredibly impressive project -- building a green school in Bali that, among giving children a one-of-a-kind ecologically centered education, boasts world's largest freestanding bamboo building. It's a school that has continued to impress us since its opening in 2008.

The Green School teaches kids in open-air classrooms, where they're constantly in contact with nature. They tend to the surrounding gardens, learning hands-on how to sustainably interact with nature, and they build their own bamboo structures. All this while also receiving a top-notch text book education so they can pass traditional British school exams.

The website states, "Its curriculum combines the academic rigour expected of schools and institutions of higher learning with hands-on experiential learning within a Green Studies curriculum and a Creative Arts curriculum. This means that by holding onto the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, Green School students will have doors open to them for whichever kinds of further learning and careers that they choose."

Balancing both traditional scholastic education with an increasingly vital education in sustainable living, the Green School is a model for an ideal educational facility.

And about that bamboo building, World Changing reports, "The Heart of School building is the Green School's newest structure... According to the designers the three interconnected spirals that encompass the building will stand over 20 meters high. Additionally, the building will have 2000 square meters of floor space and house the school's library, computer room, meeting spaces, exhibition halls, and offices. The bamboo structure is an architectural delight, showcasing the strength and beauty of 2,630 bamboo poles!"

Hardy recently gave a TED talk about his school:

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