Top 10 Rookie Gardening Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Photo by sarniebill1, Flickr Creative Commons


We were all new gardeners once upon a time. Oh, the mistakes we made. The plants we killed! The dumb choices we made. Mistakes and dumb choices will be a part of your gardening life until the day you set aside your shovel and pruners (or until they day they pry them from your cold, dead hands, in my case) and that's a good thing. Mistakes help us learn. I can't imagine gardening without them.

But beginner's mistakes can be especially disheartening. There's nothing worse than just getting started in a new hobby and watching everything you're trying to grow just sit there pathetically when you dreamed of ripe juicy tomatoes and a garden full of flowers. With that in mind, here are the most common beginner mistakes I get questions about most often at the two garden blogs I write, as well as what to do to avoid them. In no particular order:

The Top 10 Rooking Gardening Mistakes