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I can remember as a child when I would get poison ivy from head to toe. The only escape for the itchy hell that I was enduring was sitting in the bath tub. One time I was raking leaves and I jumped into a massive pile of what amounted to poison ivy and I paid the price for it for weeks to come. According to researchers at Duke University, poison ivy has grown faster, grown stronger, and grown more resilient as the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased in the past 50 years. The problem is that poison ivy loves excessive carbon, the cause of global warming.

But now there's an easy treatment for the itch that ails us, vodka according to the Daily Green.

To avoid the uncomfortable reaction, immediately pour vodka on skin that has come into contact with poison ivy, and the alcohol will wash away the itchy oil that causes poison ivy, urushiol oil. Some have said that the vodka needs to be at least 100 proof to work. Of course, use organic vodka for the greatest environmental benefit (or use the stuff you already have, then drink a martini and call it a day).

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