Twitter is so hot right now. Seems to me like a lot of people who were never baited into other social networking sites, like Myspace and Facebook, have gotten on board with Twitter—and they're loving it. So many people are into Twitter these days, I'd safely bet that you use the program, too. And if you don't use it, I'd bet you've at least thought about it. The site's popularity is at least partially due to its ability to promote to and connect with people on an unprecedented level. You don't have 'friends' on Twitter like Facebook and Myspace. Instead, you have 'followers'. These are people who are interested in reading your status updates. They're interested in what you have to say, not necessarily in a larger commitment, like being your "friend." So if you have a Twitter account, why not say something green?

You've got opportunities all day long on Twitter to talk about what you're doing with your day. Mentioning something green you're doing once in awhile might have more of an impact on the strangers following you than they or you think.

Some green actions to Twitter:

1. If you're going to the farmer's market, an organic wine tasting, or any other green event—Twitter it!

2. If you're a volunteer with a green organization, be sure to Twitter it!

3. If you're laying off the meat to eat vegetarian for a while, Twitter that too.

4. If you're recycling or reusing anything in a cool way, tell your Twitter friends about it.

5. If you're making green changes to your home, let your Twitter friends know so they can research making the same changes.

6. If you're traveling green, you might as well Twitter it.

7. If you read a green article (or write one) add a link to it in your tweet.

8. Make green friends and suggest others follow them too, especially on #followfriday and #women2follow Wednesday.

9. Include something about how you care about green in your profile.

The point? If you're letting your Twitter friends know details of your life like which movies you're watching, books you're reading, and sports teams you're routing for, shouldn't they know about your green lifestyle, too? Making a point to Twitter about something green you're doing here and there just might spark enough curiosity to green up the lives of your Twitter friends.

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