This colorful pillow for a favorite dog was once a stripey sweater.


What can you do with old wool sweaters? Give them new life by felting them in the dryer and using them in new ways.

1. Felted Pillow

Make colorful pillows out of your bright stripey sweaters. The one pictured here is for a favorite dog. Make these cute pillows for your friends, or yourself!

2. Bottle Cozy

A sweater sleeve is the perfect size for a bottle cozy. Add some embroidery to really make it special.

3. Sweater Dress Recon

A sweater dress from the 80's becomes a stylish cardigan inspired by biker jackets.

4. Scarves

Sew together several pieces of old sweaters for this unique patchwork scarf. Get a head start on next year's Christmas gifts!

5. Warm Slippers These felted sweater sleeves make the coziest slippers. The next time cold weather comes around, your feet will thank you.