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Who says you need a huge garden to grow a whole lot of potatoes? Nobody—at least not anymore. Turns out you can grow up to 100 lbs of potatoes, and all you need is a tiny 4 sq ft box.

Lifehacker has this great urban gardening idea that should appeal to green gardeners with yards of all sizes. To build your very own high yield potato box, all you'll need is 4 ft worth of space, some lumber, seed potatoes, and some green TLC.

The most innovative thing about this project is how you build the box while the potatoes grow, to maximize yield while minimizing space. Basically, you start by laying the foundation?four wooden pillars at the corner of your box-to-be and one layer of wood at the base?and then plant the potatoes four inches deep. Begin watering. As the vines grow, you add layer after layer to keep up with them, until you've hit four feet.

For a diagram that includes step by step directions on building the potato box, check out LifeHacker's How-To.

To harvest your potatoes, you simply remove the bottom layer and carefully remove your bounty.

It's a perfect way to get a load of potatoes with a little space.