Use the Force to Save the Planet


One of the great things about literature and film is you can learn so much from it; I once wanted to write a book called Everything I know About Life I Learned From Casablanca, but never got around to it. Paul Michael at Wise Bread gets his inspiration from Star Wars and concluded that while the Empire builds monster Death Stars, has shiny uniforms (and throws far too much garbage into the trash compactor), while the good guys are truly green and responsible, as well as frugal. They're handy and self-sufficient, too: Luke assembled his own lightsaber, for instance, "probably because he couldn't pop down to Jedi-Mart for an off-the-shelf number," says Michael.

Plus, they recycle:

How many owners did C3PO and R2D2 have? They just kept getting handed down through the years. Old droids were ravaged for parts and turned into new droids. Lightsabers were kept in the family. And even the Star Wars storylines were recycled from ancient myths and legends. One easy way to get into recycling is to check out , it's a great resource.

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Difficulty level: Easy