Partner Yoga: Get Your Blood Boiling Naturally Just in Time For V-Day
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Courtesy of Yoga Mutt


My husband and I did partners yoga last year for Valentine's Day and before your cringe at the X-rated nature of this post, let me tell you it was just a fun partner activity, an interesting way to celebrate the holiday. But partners yoga is also a great way to bring the spice and love back into a relationship. There are classes offered at yoga studios across the country, but you can also plan a class at home.

Here's a great routine to get you started:

Arm Stretch

1. Place your two mats beside each other so they are connected and lined up length wise.

2. Sit back to back in the middle of the two mats.

3. Extend your arms all the way out beside you and intertwine your palms with your partner so they face each other. Begin to breath deeply. Slowly expanding the breath, watching as it spirals up and down the spine.

4. After about five breaths, the first partner should begin to bring their own hands to meet each other at the heart. Slowly and cautiously stretching their partner's arms and shoulders deeply. Then switch partners and repeat.

Leg Stretch

1. Extend the legs out in front of you, either hips distance apart or feet touching.

2. Stand back to back with your partner. The first partner begins to lean on their partner's back, giving them a good stretch in the hamstrings and legs. 3. Switch partners, making sure to stay in touch with how your partner is feeling the whole time. Straddle Stretch 1. Stand back to back with your legs in a wide straddle. 2. Gently fold forward, clasping the hands of your partner through your legs. As you inhale, begin to slowly stand up. Pull their arms up through your legs as they exhale. Do this about ten times. Love green gadgets, fashion, and news? Get the latest from Planet Green's dynamic duo Suchin Pak and Daniel Sieberg on the G Word.