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Vinegar is a clean, cheap substitute for many expensive dirty things. It can clean dandruff off of your scalp, extend the longevity of your nail polish and works as a replacement for fabric softener. Vinegar can do so many wonderful things that I?m going to write more than one post about the wonders of vinegar. Here are some green ways to use vinegar around the lawn and in the garden.

1. If you don't have a lemon handy, vinegar will kill those pesky weeds trying to grow between sidewalk cracks.

2. Spraying vinegar in ant-infested areas will keep them away.

3. Clean a birdbath with it. This will keep the neighborhood birds from getting sick from their waste in the water.

4. Cure a cement pond. (From Vinegar Tips) Cure a cement pond before adding fish and plants by adding one gallon of white distilled vinegar to every 200 gallons of water. Let sit three days. Empty and rinse thoroughly.

5. You can clean all of your outdoor fixtures with vinegar. And don't forget to clean your tools with vinegar as well.

6. Kill mold in your gardening containers with vinegar. You can also kill mold on seedlings with vinegar.

7. Cure Lawn Brown Spots Put a tablespoon of vinegar in your dog's drinking water every day and you will no longer have those brown spots in your lawn from the dog's urine.

8. Clean Your Pet's Ears If your pet has been scratching his ears due to insects, you can relieve him by spraying its ears down with vinegar. Vinegar also removes skunk odor.

9. Deter unwanted animals. Vinegar deters cats from prowling around your yard, but it also keeps raccoons, rabbits and other varmints away. Have a great lawn or garden use for vinegar of your own? Want to read what other Planet Green readers are doing with vinegar? Check out the new vinegar forum.