The trend is already moving towards watching our media online--many of us watch TV, viral videos, and movies right on our computers. I have a TV, but I don't even subscribe to cable, and my DVD player is broken. The internet, it turns out, provides access to all the movies I could ever hope to see.

And this trend has some very green implications--it's cutting into packaging and distribution materials that end up as landfill fodder. And it means you don't have to drive to the video rental store and spew any carbon emissions, either. With all that waste cut out, the only thing we have to worry about is the electricity used to run the computer, and to run the internet servers we're accessing to stream movies online.

As both get more efficient, watching movies online is a change for the greener. So here's how you can help drive the trend: do it. And do it for free. Here are 10 of the best places you can watch movies online, package-free, and for free.

10 Best Sites for Watching Movies Online for Free

1. Crackle - Good selection of mainstream film fare here, and all of it for free.

2. Hulu - The granddaddy of internet movie watching. There's almost always something worth watching on Hulu.

3. YouTube Movies - Yup, YouTube has a site specifically for full length movies.

4. Film Annex - Lots of independent films here--huge selection.

5. Free Documentaries Online - A solid archive of documentaries that are yours for the viewing.

6. Classic Cinema Online - For oldies fans . . . 7. Internet Archive - Feature Films - Even more old movies. 8. Free Documentaries.Org - And even more documentaries. 9. Australian Screen Archive - This one's for any Australian film buffs out there. Is there such a thing? 10. World Cinema Foundation - This organization, ran by Martin Scorsese, is maybe the classiest film site online.