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Some folks are contrarians. You can't reason with them. If you say, "hey, go green," They will do the opposite. It's frustrating, but it is human nature. Most people don't like being bossed around. Just look at our democratic system. We elect people we like to office and then immediately turn on them once they are there.

There are quite a few people who won't quit smoking, overeating or over-drinking, even though all that stuff leads to death. It stands to reason that some people will never care about the environment even though it is essential to their survival.

Here are alternate suggestions to make if you've encountered someone stubborn.

1. "You can lower your heating bills by 10% with proper insulation."

2. "Biking is a great way to meet women/men."

3. "I've saved nearly 100 dollars a month by tweaking my car's fuel efficiency."

4. "I mean, your store-bought tomatoes are all right. But garden-fresh tomatoes are always better."

5. "Red meat is so bad for your colon."

6. "Bicycling to work is how I maintain my physique."

7. "I just don't want myself or my country to be reliant on foreign oil." 8. "Organic food is healthier." 9. "Making repairs makes me feel that I can master technology and it is not the master of me." 10. "Riding the train across country is a vacation in itself."