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One of the things that puts some people off from starting up a raised bed garden is the effort and materials required. They might only start a garden if it is as easy as humanly possible. Well, there's a product out there that makes starting a raised garden or container garden completely excuse-free and utterly un-intimidating.

GardenSoxx is a two-foot long fabric sack of compost that creates a weed-free garden in minutes. Patti Moreno, of The Garden Girl fame, shows us how easy and fast it is to set up a raised vegetable bed with GardenSoxx:

This could be perfect from small boxes of herbs to larger beds like these. It's utterly effort-free gardening, which means that people who don't feel they have a green thumb, or don't feel they have quite the physical ability, space, or tools to create a container garden or raised bed can take part in the urban gardening revolution.

The only downside, they're not cheap. A 2-foot GardenSoxx runs about $15. So we are definitely giving up price for ultimate convenience. However, the compost from these bags can be used for harvest after harvest if you continue to add your own kitchen compost, garden mulch and other nutrients to keep the soil healthy. Eventually they won't be weed-free that way, but you'll have a good head start on weeding so it wouldn't be much of an issue.

There are definitely some people who will find this mess-free, super-fast option appealing. In fact, a GardenSoxx, a Seed Mat made from scratch, and a few must-have urban gardening books might make a great hint-hint-nudge-nudge holiday gift for the beginning gardener in your family.

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Of course starting a raised bed can be much cheaper while still feeling easy - replace the GardenSoxx with a few bags of compost and some mulch, and you've darn near got the same thing.