This wise old owl purse was made from a thrifted tweed jacket. 85%confusion/


Owls have become such a popular motif. We love them for their wise ways and their handsome good looks. Here's how you can enjoy having these woodland friends at home, with great craft ideas for do-it-yourself projects using recycled materials. Whoo doesn't love that?

1. Owl Purse Follow these easy instructions to make a cute owl bag from an old tweed jacket and some scraps of felt. The jacket buttons were reused to make his big brown eyes.

2. Matchbox Decorate an empty matchbox with an owl motif, and fill it with small trinkets to delight your favorite owl enthusiast.

3. Accent Pillow You'll love having this guy sitting on your bed or favorite chair. Make an owl pillow from fabric scraps. Here's how!

4. Owl Art Here's a fun project that even the kids can do. Use colorful magazine pages to create a cut out owl. The design can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

5. Stamped Fabric If you really love owls, wear them! Make your own one of a kind fabric using purchased stamps and permanent ink.