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10 Unique Castles

Neuschwanstein Castle, or "Mad King Ludwig's Castle"
Neuschwanstein is the quintessential fairy-tale castle.
Neuschwanstein is the quintessential fairy-tale castle.
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­High up in Germany's Bavarian Alps sits Neuschwanstein Castle. A composition of tall, white towers and spires, the castle embodies 19th-century romanticism. (In fact, it inspired Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.) Modern technologies, such as electricity, plumbing and heating pipes, were used in its construction, which makes Neuschwanstein Castle unusual for its time. It was built for King Louis II of Bavaria (who is also known as Mad King Ludwig) to be both his home and a tribute to his favorite opera composer, Wilhelm Richard Wagner. Now, the palace is owned by the state of Bavaria and a popular tourist attraction.­

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