Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decor should always feel comfortable and cozy, whether its occupant is the home owner or a guest. Make your bedroom feel like a safe haven with these great ideas.

How to Design a His and Her Closet

Come on, admit it. You've fought with your spouse over coveted closet space. It doesn't have to be that way, though. With the right design, you can even have leftover space. Learn more.

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Headboards Galore: Easy Room Upgrades

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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

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How to Choose Speakers for a Bedroom

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What does thread count really mean?

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Would you pay $64,950 for a bed?

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Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Whether you're decorating a master bedroom, a child's room, a teenager's room, or a guest bedroom, follow this expert decorating advice to create the mood you desire. And check out the image gallery for design inspiration! See more »

How to Design a Seasonal Closet

Knowing what to do with your winter coats in the middle of July poses a certain challenge. The best solution is a seasonal coat closet. Learn how to design a seasonal closet. See more »