Small Stuff
Small flower pots by the window

Small accents throughout the house won't be a burden on your bank account.

Heather N. Kolich

Small accessories make big impressions. Changing the cabinet handles and drawer pulls in your kitchen and bathroom can bring a whole new style to your existing cabinetry. It's a great fix for outdated furniture, too. We take light switch and electrical outlet covers for granted, but they're important decorating points. Try upgrading from builder's plastic to something stylish from your do-it-yourself store. In the bathroom, add interesting shower curtain holders and towel hooks. Some types of faucet handles are also easy and inexpensive to change.

For custom accessories, use leftover interior paint to make unique flower planters and picture frames. To put your own touches on lampshades, glue on monogram letters, eye-catching trim, or small, decorative items.