Home Design Crimes
retro living room with paneled walls

How many home design crimes can you find in this picture?

Agri Press/Thinkstock

Design and décor might be a matter of taste, but many people have a desire for their home to be stylish, current and a reflection of their personality. After all, your home is your sanctuary, and your goal should be to create a relaxing space where you look forward to spending free time. Get in tune with your inner creative voice, and aim to balance that taste with good design.

If you have a disco ball hanging in your bedroom, or if baskets and tiny rooster figurines line the tops of your kitchen cabinets, you might be in need of a serious home makeover. Take small steps when redecorating to keep from feeling overwhelmed, and remember, revamping a space in your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money. To help you decide which home décor and design trends are outdated, unfashionable and have to go, here are 10 home design crimes we'd like you to consider.