Things Your Decorator Doesn't Want You to Know
interior designer

She's got a killer portfolio, an amazing sense of style and some shocking trade secrets.


If you've ever walked into a room in your home and thought it could be more aesthetically pleasing, then you understand that decorating isn't for everyone. You wonder if there are any do-it-yourself projects you could manage to make it suit your tastes more, but you just don't have time to fuss with décor. Then, you begin to daydream about how beautiful and seamless your home would look if only you could hire a professional.

If you're planning to hire someone to help you with your décor, you may wonder whether you should go with an interior designer or a decorator. An interior designer can work on a design project from start to finish, including construction and architectural elements. This person has all of the expertise necessary to handle building codes and licensed contractors. He or she is certified under law as a professional interior designer. A decorator, on the other hand, is equipped to handle the selection of fabrics, furniture and color palettes. This pro is usually confined to working within interior spaces.

Hiring a professional isn't for everyone, but if you want to take that extra step and secure some help, there are some things you need to know. We'll share 10 trade secrets of the home decorating industry.