Cabin Decor Ideas

©Whispering Pines What's a summer spent at a camp without a few wildlife sightings? These bear bookends will add whimsy to any cabin bookshelf.

Cherished Memories

Those lucky enough to own a summer camp or cottage return there year after year, accumulating memories that are echoed in the cabin decor. At the cottage, the humble is seen as beautiful, the whimsical is beloved, and the items that have seen better days are cherished.

Rocks a toddler gathered on a walk through the woods are displayed like artwork. A dented enamel pitcher once used for lemonade now holds bunches of wildflowers. Children are tucked in for the night beneath snowy chenille bedspreads.

Cabin Decor Ideas

©Whispering Pines Cabin style, especially in a summer camp, is warm and inviting. These folksy felt pillows reinforce that welcoming feeling.

In the summer camp, silly signs and kitschy souvenirs find a place next to the abundance of outdoor gear, like fishing poles, canoe paddles, horseshoes, and more.

Cabin Decor Ideas

©Avalanche Ranch Light Company To light the walls of a summer camp, a school of rainbow trout swims along this sconce crafted in steel.

Comfort is key to this cabin style, which welcomes all to come as they are.

Cabin Decor Ideas

©Avalanche Ranch Light Company Bear, moose, deer, and elk circle this wildlife chandelier. The metal's rust patina glows with light softened by kraft paper lamp shades.

Log cabin meets contemporary design in the next section of this article. Keep reading for more unique cabin decorating tips.

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