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Fictional Man Caves We Could Live With

Iron Man's Lair
Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, probably has some pretty cool tech toys in his cave.
Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, probably has some pretty cool tech toys in his cave.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Another man that's sure to have his man cave appointed with top of the line furnishings is Tony Stark. Iron Man's alter ego is a very wealthy man and has the finest taste in everything, especially technology. The value of a dollar is not lost on Stark, so you can bet he takes care of his expensive digs. You'll have to get used to modern if you're going to party with Iron Man, so don't try and force any craftsman detail onto his scene. Be prepared for clean lines, 90-degree angles, lots of grays, blacks and whites, and the predictable yet tasteful Warhol on the wall.

The stereo system will probably be a brand you've never heard of, and that's because it was custom built by a German engineer. The see-through bar is made of clear Plexiglas and stocked with the finest top-shelf liquors from around the world, so fix yourself a Cosmopolitan and cozy up on the oversized, overstuffed sofa. The massage chair is pretty comfy, but so is that polar bear skin rug in front of the digital fireplace. Use the remote control to operate everything in the room, from the lighting and temperature to the automatic shades for the floor to ceiling windows. And finally, if you ever feel a little insecure when Stark is away on business, just strap on that red and gold suit of armor for a boost.

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