Nursery Decor

Nursery decor require special considerations to make them comfortable, functional and safe for the little ones. Find inspiration in these articles.

Kids' Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Kids' bathroom decorating ideas make use of unique colors, designs, and even fixtures to make kids comfortable. Get some interesting ideas here.

How to Involve Your Kids in Room Decorating

Let your kids have a say in your home’s décor without losing control of the overall design. See more »

Trends in Playroom Decor

The latest (and most fun) looks for your child’s playroom! See more »

Spring Decorating Refresh: Baby's Room

Your baby's nursery may be showing signs of neutral colors and safe decorating choices. As the spring season descends, punch up the décor with some seasonal offerings. See more »

Spring Decorating Refresh: Kids' Rooms

Your child may be outgrowing the nursery feel of his or her bedroom, so while you're thinking of ways to grow it up, consider ways to spring it up, too. See more »

5 Nursery Safety Tips

You've given birth to your baby, and you think the hard part's over, right? Not so fast. Now, you have to raise your little bundle of joy in a safe environment. Is your nursery up to snuff? See more »

10 Things a Nursery Doesn't Need

With a new baby on the way, there are any number of necessities your little one will need. But there are just as many -- or maybe more -- that are just hype and you're better off without. Our list will help weed out the unnecessary. See more »

10 Tips to Going from a Nursery to a Kid's Room

Your baby isn't a baby anymore, and now she wants a room to reflect her big girl status. There's no need to do a complete overhaul. As long as you start with a few basics, transitioning to a kid's room can be fun for you both of you. See more »

10 Great Themes for Kids' Rooms

Whether your little ones fancy pirates, princesses or the color purple, we've got a theme to transform their bedrooms from sleeping spaces to spectacular spaces. Here are 10 ideas your kids will love! See more »

5 Kid-Friendly Study Areas

Are you looking to create a kid-friendly study area? Check out this article and learn more about how to create a kid-friendly study area in your home. See more »

Kids' Rooms

Decorating your child's room involves decisions regarding safety, comfort, access, and style. Learn how to decorate spaces for kids of any age. See more »