Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

Each piece of furniture in this baby's room is simple, but the look is special thanks to a vision realized in fresh green paint. Stylist: Amy Leonard. Manufacturer: The Glidden Company.

Minty Fresh Baby Nursery Decorating Idea

Green, the color of growing things, is a perennial favorite in rooms for little ones and a great decorating idea for your baby's nursery. Paired with pink and white for girls, it makes a garden statement without half trying. Grouped with blue and white, as it is here, green makes a refreshing preserve for a little boy.

Hand-painted stylized waves and bubbly circles, together with playful contemporary furniture, create a simple setting that's sure to please. Just about any pastel tint you like could be used for similar results. Just be sure to use it with analogous, or closely allied, tints for a flowing not choppy effect.

In a south- or west-facing room, cool tints of green, blue, and periwinkle (blue-violet) work best; in a space that faces north or east, try warm tints of peach, coral, pink, or sunshine yellow.

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