Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

Vintage pink and orchid fabrics, layered and pieced together, make this room pretty and expressive. Designer: Pamela DiCapo. Retailer: Lauren Alexandra.

© Bill Matthews

One of a Kind Baby Nursery Decorating Idea

Once upon a time, there were three baby girls whose parents had three very different ideas about decorating. These ideas got a great workout when it came time to create rooms for their daughters.

Different as the rooms may be, they share some appealing elements. Each features the color pink -- that timeless girlhood favorite. Each also includes a distinctive, pretty crib and a comfortable chair with gentle roll arms for cuddly times together. That's where the resemblances end.

One room is filled with exuberant romantic flair; another is soothing, sweet, and timelessly traditional; and the third combines nostalgic charm with a funky vintage feeling.

Whatever your style, you don't need to buy a complete ready-made furniture set. Furnish your little one's room with unique finds, and your decorating story can end happily, too.

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