Room Makeover Ideas

Itching to create a craft room or a home office? Dying to turn that old bedroom into an exercise room? Making a room over can be a fun and challenging task. Check out our room makeover ideas and get some helpful tips to making your project run smoothly.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Craft Room

If your dining room table has been taken over by your crafting and your spare bedroom is collecting dust, then it's time to merge the two for the greater good. Your family (and your crafting) will thank you.

Using Paint to Update a Room

Give your room a quick and easy makeover with one of these fun paint ideas.

Knock it Down: Open Floor Plan 101

Opening up your floor plan can completely transform your home -- and the way you live in it.

How to Design a Sewing Room

Sewing is a hard craft to manage if you're stuck in the corner of a room or can only spread out on the dining room table. If you have your own sewing room, you can put everything in its place and create to your heart's content.

10 High-tech Media Room Ideas

Watching a movie no longer means schlepping to the theater and paying exorbitant amounts for your ticket and tub of popcorn. Now, you can set up your own media room and get the same experience -- with a lot more convenience!

10 Ideas for a Reading and Writing Room

If you work at home, then you probably already know how valuable a dedicated office is. But if you want a room for only reading and writing, then you have to get rid of even more distractions. We'll show you how.

How to Create a Meditation Room

If you have a high-stress job or the pressure of life just seems too much sometimes, a meditation room may be just what you need. But it's pointless if you don't have a room designated to relax.

How to Make Your Own Photography Dark Room

Whether photography is a hobby, a passion, or a career, it's pretty easy to create your own dark room. This advice can have you developing your own memories in no time.

How to Soundproof a Room

Silence is golden! But to your husband watching a movie or your son practicing his drums, the louder the better. To lessen the noise level and finally get some peace, consider soundproofing.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Office

Working from home can be an awesome thing with many conveniences. But if you're toddler is constantly barging in or your spouse asks a million questions, then it's time for you to move into your own office -- with your own door.

How to Turn a Bedroom Into an Exercise Room

If you have a spare bedroom that's sitting empty just screaming for a purpose, why not turn it into an exercise room? That way, you get the convenience of a gym without the people to watch you sweat!