Do-it-yourself Bath Soap
heart-shaped soap

Homemade heart-shaped soaps add romance and whimsy to a bathroom.


Bath soaps are useful Valentine's Day decorations that lend color to your bathroom, and handmade soaps can serve as a thoughtful hostess gift or present as well. Vanilla and almond is a popular soap scent, and the recipes for homemade soaps are available online and in crafting guides. We like vanilla and almond soap made with crushed almonds (for great texture) and vanilla fragrance oil (for an authentic scent). When making homemade soap for Valentine's Day, consider using a heart-shaped mold.

Felted soaps are another great DIY project that friends and family will love, but you might like the bristly texture so much that you'll want to keep a couple of bars for yourself. Purchase felt (also known as roving), and wrap bars of homemade soap in the wool-like material while dunking them in a bowl of water. As the soap is immersed in water, form the roving around the bar and cover it completely. Set each bar on a baking rack to dry, and display the finished soaps in large jars in your bathroom or give them to friends in drawstring bags sprinkled with glitter.