Top 10 Summer Party Decorating Themes
summer party tablescape

Summer parties should be full of color, fun and friends!

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Summer fun is here; so call a few friends, and throw a party. Grab your tank top, tidy up the patio and start scrubbing the deck, because the birds are singing outside and daylight saving time is offering us all another whole hour of sun to celebrate in. Those staid winter-season gatherings with the good china and crystal are a thing of the past -- till next fall, anyway.

Need some ideas to create a party atmosphere and make your deck, pool or patio bash an afternoon or evening to remember? There are lots of cool themes that can dial up the romance, generate some humor or work as a masterful conversation starter the next time you entertain. Don't just stock up on supplies at the party store, either. A little ingenuity and a sense of fun can go a long way toward making your summer party a sizzling success.