Teens and Tweens Decor

Many teens and tweens enjoy decorating their bedrooms, and a room remodel is a fun task for parents and teenagers to tackle together. Find advice and inspiration in these articles.

How to Design a Teen's Closet

The messy closet is a hallmark of being a teenager. So how do you organize all those piles of shirts, shoes and who knows what else? Learn how to design a teen's closet.

Hip Design Trends to Please You and Your Teen

There may not be much that you and your teen can agree on, but these trends in design will make you both happy.

DIY with Your Teen: Bedroom Updates

Make updating your teens bedroom into a team project with these DIY ideas you can do together

Spring Decorating Refresh: Tweens' Rooms

As you go through your home and replace winter accessories for lighter choices in honor of the coming spring, don't forget your tween's room. It needs some fun, bright changes, too.

5 Tween Design Upgrades: Making the Switch from Kid to Tween Room

The start of middle school is a common time for children to redecorate their rooms to reflect their maturing personalities and tastes. If your son or daughter is ready for a new space to call his or her own, check out our tips for making the switch from kid room to tween room.

10 Things Your Kid's Dorm Room Doesn't Need

Dorm rooms are roughly the size of prison cells, yet retailers and our kids convince us to buy enough stuff for them to fill Buckingham Palace! What items should you leave off your dorm room shopping list?

5 Tween Rooms that Grow into Teen Rooms

Tweens are still family-bound and too young to be out with friends all the time, so they spend a lot of time in their rooms. Your tween is at a transitional age, so here are some tips for designing a tween room that will grow into a teen room.

10 Tween-tastic Decorating Ideas You Should Avoid

As tweens outgrow the "baby stuff" in their childhood rooms, advertisers are all too happy to give you tween decorating tips. As you redecorate, here are some tween-tastic ideas that you'll want to avoid.

Tween Room Ideas for Under $100

Tween room ideas for under $100 will help you redesign their rooms without breaking the bank. Find tween room ideas for under $100 at HowStuffWorks.

Tween Boy's Room Ideas

These tween boy's room ideas will help you redesign their rooms without breaking the bank. Find tween boy's room ideas at HowStuffWorks.

Tween Girl's Room Ideas

These tween girl's room ideas will help you redesign their rooms without breaking the bank. Find tween girl's room ideas at HowStuffWorks.