Tween Design Upgrades: Making the Switch from Kid to Tween Room
toddler boy's room decorated in bright colors and with trucks

Even though your tween boy is still as cute today as when he was a child, we bet he's outgrown rainbows and trucks.

©iStockphoto.com/Galina Barskaya

Face it -- your tween has outgrown his racecar bed he picked out in kindergarten or that perfect shade of pale pink you chose before she was even born. Just as they're ready to try new things and start to assert their independence, many pre-teens are also eager for a major bedroom redesign. As kids start to depend less on Mom and Dad and more on friends, they want a space that's not only private but also expresses their individual style and interests. Give them a room they'll love well into their teen years with these tween design upgrade tips.