tween's bedroom

Choose bright colors for your tween's redo; pastels can come off as too young.


Spring is a season of rebirth, and it's likely that your tween is full of cabin fever and could use a little spring cheer to freshen up her room. Your tween probably has some opinions on what she wants her room to look like, so while you may not want to give her carte blanche, you should definitely let her in on the creative concept. Her tween years are a time when she'll probably start to spend more time in her room, so she should really have some input on its look and a feel. All in all, she probably wants to have a room that feels like a haven.

If you've already done the update from kid's d├ęcor to a room more reminiscent of the young lady she is becoming, then you're probably set to just switch out a few accessories. But if she still has themed wallpaper or a princess bedspread, it may be time for more of an overhaul. Start by taking a look at furnishings. Her clothes are getting bigger and more plentiful, so she's probably largely outgrown the little dresser with the little drawers. If you don't have the budget to replace her bedroom furniture, you can at least throw a fresh coat of paint on it. Now's a great time to opt for a more sophisticated and neutral palette on the walls, floors and furniture, which will allow you to easily mix in seasonal color.