Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Dramatic fuchsia, magenta, and shocking pink fill this room with color.

Retailer: Bombay Kids

Color Me Confident Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Fearless, passionate color is a decorating idea that electrifies these teen rooms with individuality and youthful flair. The eye appeal of this space illustrates an established decorating rule: You can use a variety of strong colors in one room if they're of a similar intensity that creates balance.

Color is the most compelling, emotionally charged element in any decorating scheme, and, for many youngsters, identifying a favorite color is important to developing a sense of self. This cheerful room shows how far you can go to indulge a favorite­ hue or two -- and still have a room you won't need to close the door on.

So go ahead and indulge your child in his or her best-loved shades. Simple treatments and a few well-placed neutrals can tame the mix in style.

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