Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A deeper shade of turquoise adds depth to this room, while contrasting orange and lime green inject excitement.

Manufacturer: Stanley Furniture Co.

Playful Color Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Color scheme is an important decorating idea for your teen's bedroom. The right colors can do a lot for your outlook, and your teen is at least as sensitive to emotional currents as you are. You can't protect her from every bump, but, when she gets home, you can wrap her in a comforting, uplifting environment that starts with colors she loves.

Once you've nailed the color scheme, furniture and accessories can be much easier to pull together. If you're shopping, a new bedroom group in warm woo­d looks great against cool-colored walls, while warm-tinted walls take the chill out of cool laminates.

Choose a contrasting color or two for accents; when the mood strikes, she can change them and get a whole new look with the basic background hue. That's a guaranteed mood-lifter.

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