Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Contemporary floral and plaid prints in soft lime, lilac, and white create a romantic scheme your teenage daughter won't outgrow.

© Stacey Brandford Designer: Susan Comfort, INTERIORS by Decorating Den

Soft Impressions Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

If you prefer to invest in traditionally styled furniture but your teen longs for a more modern look, one easy way to compromise is with fabrics and colors.

This room's scheme of pale lime and lilac creates an airy, youthful feeling that's enhanced by the contemporary floral patterns. Adding to the lighthearted ambience, trompe l'oeil lattice and vines are hand-painted on the wall.

You could create a similar effect with just about any other fresh, light color scheme, such as aqua and peach. To create a modern feeling with traditional furniture, keep the­ backgrounds simple -- no busy wallpapers or elaborate draperies. Contemporary prints, such as these abstract watercolor florals (large scale for the bed, smaller scale for the window valance), enhance the fun-loving look.

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