Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Large areas of brilliant sunset orange are balanced by lots of cooling white and naturally finished wood floors.

Manufacturer: Stanley Furniture Co.

Definitely Hot Teen Bedroom Decorating Idea

Once upon a time, you weren't supposed to use hot pink and orange together, but the 1960s changed all that. Today's teens love the intensity of these saturated tropical color combinations. Adding vibrant colors to your teen's space has become a timeless decorating idea.

As exciting as they are, hot colors can be wonderfully livable. Just balance areas of dazzling color with areas of white, another neutral, or a pale tint of one of your hot colors.

Funky flowers are a great motif for this color scheme, but just about any motif your teen enjoys can be worked into a one-of-a-kind design. Florals are just the start of what you can find in today's contemporary fabrics, wallcoverings, and accessories, so let your girl shop for her current favorites. Balance busy prints with areas of solid color to create visual breathing room.

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