Creative Uses for Old Mattresses
mattress on the street

There are better ways to dispose of your old mattress than tossing it in the trash.


Have you ever traded in your old mattress for a new one? Many of us are guilty of using our mattresses way beyond their recommended lifespan. But if you consider everything your mattress absorbs over the years, you might be running to the store for a new one. In just 10 year's time, your mattress could double in weight due to the sweat, skin cells, dust mites and other debris it collects [source: Jio].

When you do purchase an old mattress, most stores will haul away your old one for free. But in today's world of green thinking and sustainability, you might wonder what happens to that old mattress once it leaves your home. Unfortunately, it will most likely end up in a landfill along with the other 20 million mattresses that get dumped there each year [source: Champion]. So does this mean you shouldn't replace your old mattress despite its old age or your related back problems? Not at all. But you should find a more creative way to dispose of your old mattress to keep it out of the landfill. For some inspiration, check out our 10 creative uses for your old mattress.