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How the Enertia Building System Works

Introduction to How the Enertia Building System Works
Enertia homes might not outwardly boast their energy independence, but these homes can save a pretty penny when it comes to the power bills. See more pictures of home design.

­People in the market for new homes usually have their eyes on different key features during the search for their potential perfect abodes. Some desire a convenient lo­cation, some look for luxurious spaciousness, some seek a lush garden and others are after all of those things at once -- or other elements entirely.

One aspect that generally doesn't play a huge part in the home buying decision is how the house functions in terms of energy efficiency. Not to underscore the importance of this characteristic -- after all, you'll most likely be getting monthly reminders judging your home's heating and cooling capabilities the entire length of your ownership -- it's just that with so many other thoughts swimming through the head of someone in the market for a home, energy aptitude isn't often a deal-breaker, or a deal-closer for that matter.

­But in terms of other homebuyers, that's definitely not the case. For them, one of the utmost important aspects of the purchase of a new home is how efficiently it performs -- som­e people even build a home expressly to spare themselves the monthly joy of power bills. One of the ways they can go about achieving this energy independence is to build a home using the patented Enertia Building System. The system works by taking advantage of age-old building concepts along with innovative new techniques, and while it might not completely erase the power bills, it can definitely ease them down into a more reasonable range.

The basis of the concept centers around timber -- and these aren't spindly two-by-fours. Unlike conventional modern homes, Enertia houses are massive structures built entirely of wood, and this wood acts in an interesting fashion. On the next page, we'll take a look at the components of a house built using the Enertia Building System and see how everything comes together.