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Green Construction

Green construction is a hot new trend in building and construction. Green construction involves using recycled materials and utilizing the concepts of sustainable design. As the concepts gain popularity, using them will become second nature.

Top 10 Green Technologies for the Home

You may already know about solar heaters and rain barrels, but what about geothermal pumps and backyard wind turbines? Find out what's the latest in home green technology.

How the Enertia Building System Works

The Enertia Building System creates homes entirely out of wood to be as energy efficient as possible. Learn more about the Enertia Building System. See more »

How Straw Bale Houses Work

Straw bale houses use straw bales as insulation or as the structural building block of the home. Learn more about straw bale houses and see pictures. See more »

How Energy Star Works

Energy Star provides objective energy use information about consumer products. See how the Energy Star program works to save you money and time. See more »

How LEED Certification Works

LEED certification applies only to newly constructed homes that follow green building guidelines. Find out how LEED certification for new construction works. See more »

Ultimate Guide to Green Building

Green building is the practice of creating more resource-efficient methods of construction and renovation. Learn more about green building methods. See more »

How Smart Windows Work

Smart windows can go from transparent to frosted to completely opaque with the flip of a simple switch. Learn more about smart windows at HowStuffWorks. See more »