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Green Construction

Green construction is a hot new trend in building and construction. Green construction involves using recycled materials and utilizing the concepts of sustainable design. As the concepts gain popularity, using them will become second nature.

Why salvage construction materials?

Salvaging construction materials is great for many reasons, including saving money, preserving history, using cool, old stuff and keeping waste out of landfills.

How the Enertia Building System Works

People in the market for new homes usually have their eyes on key features during the search for their perfect potential abodes: location, space, a pretty yard. Others look for the green factor -- something Enertia Building Systems may provide.

How Straw Bale Houses Work

Remember the story of the little pig who built a straw house, only to have the big, bad wolf huff and puff and blow it down? Nowadays, that pig would have a sturdy, energy-efficient home.

How Energy Star Works

The Energy Star program helps cut down on the energy drain from computers and home appliances. But how much energy do Energy Star products save? And how much money will they save you?

How LEED Certification Works

Let's say you're building a house. You want to "build green," but where do you start? Most likely, you'll turn to LEED.

Ultimate Guide to Green Building

"Green" is one of the hottest buzzwords in construction. Proponents say green building is environmentally friendly -- and also healthier and more cost-efficient.

How Smart Windows Work

With energy bills on the rise, homeowners are looking for new ways to use less power around the house. A cutting-edge window technology called the "smart window" allows consumers to fully or partially block light by turning a knob or pressing a button.