Green construction is a hot new trend in building and construction. Green construction involves using recycled materials and utilizing the concepts of sustainable design. As the concepts gain popularity, using them will become second nature.

10 Cutting-edge, Energy-efficient Building Materials

The drive for energy-efficient building comes down to a quest for the so-called tight envelope, which you can often achieve using renewable, recycled material. What are some of the latest energy-efficient building materials?

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  • Fact or Fiction: Sustainable Building

    Fact or Fiction: Sustainable Building

    Studies have shown that sustainable buildings cost only about 2 percent more to build than traditional buildings do -- and they'll pay you back many times over in energy savings. So how much do you know about building green? See more »

  • Green Construction: Is it worth it?

    Green Construction: Is it worth it?

    There are many factors to weigh when considering green construction, such as cost, personal health and environmental health. Is it worth the effort to go green? See more »

  • Green Roofs And White Roofs: Low Tech Ways To Save Tons Of Energy

    Green Roofs And White Roofs: Low Tech Ways To Save Tons Of Energy

    Painting roofs white is an easy way to reflect heat and save costs in the summer. But even better is planting gardens on rooftops, bringing the green back to the urban jungle. See more »

  • Has green construction made an impact on the environment yet?

    Has green construction made an impact on the environment yet?

    There's been so much talk about green construction and LEED-certified buildings but so far, has it really made the impact we've been expecting? See more »

  • How Air Curtains Work

    How Air Curtains Work

    Is it possible for a stream of air to behave like a door? Surprisingly, yes. This door may not block out burglars, but it can certainly fight against cold winds, flying insects and pollutants. See more »

  • How are hospitals going green?

    How are hospitals going green?

    Hospitals are some of the biggest generators of waste; so when they become more environmentally conscious, they have some of the biggest impact. What steps are hospitals taking today? See more »

  • How Composite Decking Works

    How Composite Decking Works

    It used to be easy to decide how to construct a deck. You could make it out of wood -- or wood. Nowadays, some decking material doesn't even have a trace of wood in it. See more »

  • How Daylighting Devices Work

    How Daylighting Devices Work

    Fluorescent lighting uses less energy than incandescent bulbs, but there's no replacing the sun for efficiency and for lifting your spirits. Is it possible to bring natural sunlight indoors? See more »

  • How Energy Star Works

    How Energy Star Works

    The Energy Star program helps cut down on the energy drain from computers and home appliances. But how much energy do Energy Star products save? And how much money will they save you? See more »

  • How LEED Certification Works

    How LEED Certification Works

    Let's say you're building a house. You want to "build green," but where do you start? Most likely, you'll turn to LEED. See more »

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