Green Construction

Green construction is a hot new trend in building and construction. Green construction involves using recycled materials and utilizing the concepts of sustainable design. As the concepts gain popularity, using them will become second nature.

10 Best Roofing Materials for Warmer Climates

The first real line of defense against the heat is a building's roof. And some materials are better than others -- especially in hot climates. See which ones are best at keeping the heat at bay.

Top 10 Green Technologies for the Home

You may already know about solar heaters and rain barrels, but what about geothermal pumps and backyard wind turbines? Find out what's the latest in home green technology.

How Air Curtains Work

Is it possible for a stream of air to behave like a door? Surprisingly, yes. This door may not block out burglars, but it can certainly fight against cold winds, flying insects and pollutants.

Are hotels going green?

Hotels, especially luxury ones, have a reputation for excess and conspicuous consumption, but that's all changing. Get on the green hotel bandwagon in this article.

Will going green affect your pets?

If you're in the process of making your home and habits more eco-friendly, don't forget your pets. So how can you reduce their carbon, er, pawprints?

Are there green home inspections?

When you're making home improvements or trying to buy or sell a home, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency matter. So how can an inspector help?

Top 10 Green Advances in Residential Building

Once upon a time, all residential building was eco-friendly, from yurts to adobe dwellings. Green housing's time has come again -- and this time, with some nifty technologies in tow.

10 Things to Look for in a Green Contractor

Want to build or renovate in a environmentally friendly way? You're going to need the right contractor for the job.

Has green construction made an impact on the environment yet?

There's been so much talk about green construction and LEED-certified buildings but so far, has it really made the impact we've been expecting?

Why isn't green construction required by law?

If building green is so good for the environment, why isn't it required?

Are green homes more expensive to insure?

You want to do the right thing by building green. But will you be able to insure your home without paying an arm and a leg?