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Construction Planning

Construction planning sounds dull compared to swinging a sledge hammer at a wall, but it is far more important. Construction planning lets builders estimate and purchase the correct amount of tools and materials needed for the job at hand.

How to Square a Building

Before any major remodeling job, you have to accurately measure the work space. Learn about how to square a building in this article.

How to Choose the Right Remodeler

Do you know How to Choose the Right Remodeler? Keep reading to learn how to choose the right remodeler and start your construction projects today! See more »

10 Innovative Architects to Watch

Our Innovative Architects to Watch will show you some new innovative architects. Keep reading to learn about Innovative Architects to Watch. See more »

Do I really need a permit for my remodel?

Do I really need a permit for my remodel? Find out which building permits are required for a remodel -- and why. See more »

10 Most Famous Architects Who Ever Lived

Which famous architects were the most inspiring? Learn about the 10 most famous architects that ever lived. See more »

10 Ways to Alter Your Existing Floor Plan

You can alter your existing floor plan without completely rebuilding your house. Learn how to expand your existing floor plan. See more »

How long should building a house take?

How long should building a house take? Find out whether your new home is proceeding on schedule based on how long it should take to build a house. See more »

10 Red Flags That Should Make You Fire Your Contractor Immediately

Is your contractor ripping you off? Learn the top 10 red flags that should make you fire your contractor immediately. See more »

10 Most Copied Architects

Which architects are copied most? Learn about the ten architects most likely to be copied. See more »

How to Read House Plans

It's tough to read house plans when they're thick with seemingly cryptic symbols. How can you interpret the mysterious language of house plans? See more »

How to Choose a Green Builder

Choosing a contractor is tricky enough without adding 'green' to the conundrum. What should you know before choosing a green builder? See more »