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5 Ways to Tear Down an Interior Wall

Hooray! Wait, What? Clean Up?
Painting is often a necessary step after this process.
Painting is often a necessary step after this process.
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You've got that wretched wall out of the way, but not so fast! Hold off on the celebration -- your work is not quite done. It's time to pretty up the floor, ceiling and adjacent walls surrounding the newly freed up space. This typically involves patching up any spots that need replacement drywall (admit it, you didn't quite manage to perfectly stick to that line you scored) as well as painting and finishing the surrounding area to make sure it jives with the rest of the place.

You'll also want to dispose of the debris from your project sooner rather than later, especially if you have children or pets. Pink insulation looks a little too much like cotton candy to leave it lying about. Get all that stuff in the trash, fast. And enjoy your new, more open floor plan.

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