Clear the Decks

Need some help getting your kitchen clean and streamlined? Start by taking everything off the counters. Thoroughly clean the space and then evaluate it based on how you use it. Do you generally need a single prep area, or do you team cook with a family member? What small appliances do you use every day, and which can be stowed in a cabinet and pulled out periodically? Countertop space is valuable in your kitchen. Having a plan will help you use it wisely.

Clean and streamlined is in, and giving your kitchen an upscale, modern look is one way to make sure folks are paying more attention to your design flare and less to the condition of your oven. Stow your small appliances so you can finally see enough of your countertop space to justify the price you paid for it. Once you've eliminated the clutter, get things organized. This carries a huge benefit: If your kitchen looks like you never use it, there may be fewer untidy midnight pizza extravaganzas in your future -- who'd want to soil those gleaming surfaces?