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Angel Mirror

Make a plain frame into a work of art with a little decoupage and creativity.
Make a plain frame into a work of art with a little decoupage and creativity.

Project Materials:

  • latex paint
  • liquid leaf
  • translucent crackle medium
  • an image of an angel taken from a calendar
  • several paint brushes
  • artist's oil in raw umber
  • clean cotton rags
  • sanding block
  • utility blade
  • decoupage glue


  1. Paint your frame or door in the color of your choice with latex paint.
  2. Cut out your image so that it fits the frame you have chosen.
  3. Apply a thin coat of decoupage glue to your image's chosen spot. Place the image on top of the glue and apply another thin layer of decoupage glue to the image itself. While the glue is still wet, push down firmly with your fingers to remove any air bubbles.
  4. Use a paintbrush to apply the Liquid Leaf to your frame's boarders. Work in small sections and, immediately after applying the paint, wipe away any excess with a clean rag. This will allow your paint color to show through and will give the gold leaf a nice aged look.
  5. Use a soft brush to apply a base coat of crackle to your image. Let it dry.
  6. Place a dab of the artist's oil onto a brush and apply it to the surface of your frame.Then wipe it off with the rag, making sure you always work in small sections at a time. Apply this in the exact same way to the decoupaged image,highlighting the cracks.
  7. Accessorize your frame by gluing a mirror onto the bottom portion.

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