squares wallcoverings project

This wall design is anything but "square." Give your walls new life with this geometric design.


Can't figure out what to do with that outdated room of yours? Whip it into "shape" with this painting project.

  1. First, make sure your walls are free from dirt. If not, clean them before painting.
  2. Second, using a pencil and a straight edge, and preferably a level, draw several squares, rectangles or other, similar shapes if desired. It's best to start with larger squares and move on to smaller ones.
  3. Once you've penciled the squares on the wall, mark off the edges with tape.
  4. Next, assign colors to each square, making sure you know which are going to overlap — only tape off a few squares, as this will allow you to overlap. (Note: When painting larger squares, use a roller for the bulk of the square and a brush along the border.)
  5. Remember: Once you've finished painting a square, you must allow it to dry before painting the overlapping or adjacent square. If not, the paint will run and the borders may be lost once the tape is removed.
  6. After the first set of squares has completely dried, remove the tape and begin taping a second set; this will allow you to overlap the two.