Window Treatment Ideas

Gold jumbo cording on overlapping swags gives a tailored look to this drapery treatment, which includes sheer panels for privacy.

A Long Stretch

To most homeowners, a capacious, long-reaching window or bank of windows in the living room is a coveted feature, and window treatments should be carefully considered. These types of windows orient the house to its site, taking in the view and the sunshine. And it affords a pleasant spot for situating chairs for light-filled conversation areas or nice retreats for curling up with a book.

Wider windows require careful thought in determining just the right dressing. Draw draperies, for example, would result in nearly an entire wall covered with fabric when the draperies are closed for privacy. An amiable compromise between too much fabric and none at all is to include draperies as the window's frame only, with side panels that remain just that.

Window Treatment Ideas

For a crafted, braided look, this wide window features twisted, fabric-covered rods with open swags, side panels, and traversing sheers.

The window can be topped with a valance that takes an extra dip or two to cover the wide space. Pleated or vertical shades, which are much less intrusive than fabric, can cover the window in its entirety, providing privacy without being a decorative burden.

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