The checked fabric on this flat-panel curtain is a classic, blending with the old-fashioned tub. But a  fun fabric lining brings the entire room into the present.

Not-So-Precious Past

It's easy to update an older look by incorporating new window treatments. Old-fashioned bathroom fixtures such as a freestanding claw-foot tub and quaint pedestal sink are natural attention-getters, but their age doesn't call for deference. They can be fun.

When the past is honored but updated with a bold touch of the present, the effect has greater impact than letting yesteryear's features stand unaltered on their own.

Checked table napkins are given new use when stitched together as a window valance. The tassel trim is a perfect match for the faux-finished claw-foot tub.

The upbeat mood in these two bathrooms starts with the tub, claw-foots teased into the present with bright finishes. The mood is then picked up and accelerated at the windows, where treatments are equally fresh and a little funky.

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