Window Treatment Ideas

© Wide wooden slats on a shutter treatment in this Southwestern living room create a strong linear pattern at the window without a trace of print, fabric, or color.

Southwestern Style

One of the hottest looks in interior design, Southwestern style obtains its depth from a mix of influences -- Native American, the culture of the old West, and pioneer furniture. The style mandates a window treatment that's robust, masculine, and strong, with a natural, earthy texture. What results is a charming mix of rusticity, nostalgia, vivid earth colors, and bold, geometric patterns.

In the living room, this often means considering a blind or shade instead of a fabric curtain window treatment. Woven draperies of Native American geometric motifs and more whimsical cotton bandana prints are notable exceptions. For a living room already lively with exuberant pattern and color, wide wooden shutters in their natural finish are the perfect companion, adding warmth and a rustic ambience.

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