Easy Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom
bathroom sink

Your bathroom sink can be a clean, comforting place for you and your guests.

Martin Poole/Lifesize/Thinkstock

You may think no one cares if your bathroom is clean; after all, it's not like your living room or kitchen, where company is often entertained. And yes, the bathroom is one of the most personal places in the house, but it doesn't have to look so unwelcoming to your guests. It's easy to clean the scum in the shower or the rings in the toilet bowl. Once you do, you can display your bathroom as proudly as any other room in the house.

Don't reach for those harsh chemicals yet. We've got some easy tips that get the job done without harmful cleaners. After all, the bathroom is your personal place, and you want to keep it as you-friendly as possible. You shouldn't have to use toxins that make your eyes burn every time you enter the room just for the sake of unclogging a sink.

So strap on your cleaning gloves, because it's time to give your bathroom a nice rub down. First, we'll tackle that soap scum in your shower.