Secret Places Your Kids Are Keeping Messes
messy toddler

Kid's messes aren't always as out in the open as this.


It's easy to love your kids but hate their messes. You'll probably never forget the day a telltale smell led you to a cache of week-old Brussels sprouts wrapped in a funeral napkin and stuffed behind the toaster. Actually, that one pales in comparison to the discovery of your favorite knickknack, chipped and hidden under a couch cushion. When you're a parent, the world is full of these unexpected and sometimes nasty surprises. A few of them are endearing (but gross), like that wad of gum under your child's pillow, while others can be -- well, just maddening.

Let's take a look at five places your kids consider hideaways for their guilty misdeeds, curious experiments and untidy habits. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt -- but this egg is often cracked and rotten.